golden girl sound

brooklyn, ny
studio space + audio engineering

Created and owned by Carl Bespolka, Golden Girl Sound is located in an old rope factory right off the East River and has hosted tracking sessions, rehearsals, mixing and mastering sessions with artists including Whitney, New Madrid, Fake Dad, Ritt Momney, Shane T, Hannah Jagadu, Silver Cup, Cry Baby, Isabel Stein, Vegyn, Evil Giane, Brooks Hudgins, Pom Pom Squad and NPR’s Tiny Desk, Blush FM, and many others. Golden Girl is envisioned to be a financially accessible sonic haven for artists and creators, housing a collection of vintage and modern instruments and recording equipment.

inquire below:

gear list
computer / converters:
  • Max’ed out Mac Pro
  • Orion HD converters
  • UAD, FabFilter, Soundtoys, Valhalla, Waves, etc. for plugins
  • ATC SCM25A’s
  • Yamaha NS10’s
  • Redco 1 Boxes for headphone monitoring with Audiotechnica Headphones
pre’s / compressors:
  • X2 RND Neve 511’s
  • X2 CAPI 512’s
  • X4 UTA mic pres
  • X8 True Pre’s
  • X1 GA73
  • X1 TubeTech CL1B
  • X1 Warm 1176
  • X1 Audioscape LA2A
  • X1 Retro Doublewide
  • X1 1969 U87
  • X2 Lewitt 441’s
  • X2 SM81’s
  • X2 Fat Head ribbons
  • X1 Stereo Stager SR2N
  • X1 RE-20
  • X1 RE-15
  • X1 Copperphone
  • X4 SM57
  • X1 SM7
  • A bunch of weird stuff as well
amps / fx:
  • X1 Fender Twin
  • X1 Vox AC15
  • X1 Supro 12”
  • X1 Ampeg Gemeni VI
  • X1 1950’s Rickenbacker Slide Amp
  • X1 Kemper Profiler
  • X1 Roland Space Echo RE201
  • X1 Roland Digital Chorus
  • X1 Gibson Oil can delay
  • A bunch of different guitar pedals
guitars / basses:
  • X1 1960’s Fender Mustang
  • X1 1990’s Fender Strat
  • X1 Vox Bobcat
  • X1 60’s Silvertone
  • X1 Custom Tele
  • X1 Mustang Bass
  • X1 Washburn Bass
  • X1 60’s Hagstrom
  • X1 Upright Bass
  • X1 Fender Rhodes
  • X1 Wurlitzer
  • X1 Hammond C3
  • X1 Juno 106
  • X1 Juno 6
  • X1 Prophet 6
  • X1 Prophet 5
  • X1 Sequential Pro 3
  • X1 Korg MS10
  • X1 Jupiter 6
  • X1 Mellotron Micro
  • X1 Yamaha DX7
  • Some assorted small Casio and Yamaha keyboards and other portable keyboards
  • X1 Ludwig Kit: 20”, 16”, 13”
  • Assorted snares from Pork Pie, Ludwig and Gretsch
  • Assorted Percussion
light leak video